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300S & 300Sc Cabriolet/Coupe/Roadster 1951-1958 HISTORY of the 300S & Sc The 300S and 300Sc series cars were the top of the line cars. These two-door automobiles are extremely rare and desireable. due to the extremely low production figures of a mere 760 units! First shown in October 1951 at the Paris Salon, they relied heavily on the technology of the Type 300. The 300S has majestic styling and it offered the most power seen in a postwar design, with a fully independent rear suspension and a gracefully curved rear deck. Initially, it was available in two body styles; a fixed roof coupe with an elegantly formal air and a convertible with functional landau bars. A third style called the roadster could be specified. It had no landau bars and a top that completely disappeared when folded. Road and Track magazine stated, "Where the Mercedes Benz 300S has been since its first appearance it has caused a quiet riot of enthusiasum and its attitude of 'going' even when it's standing still." Often considered inspired by the 540K of the 1930s, Mercedes raised the engine compression over the 300 model to 7.8:1 using 3 Solex downdraft carburetors resulting in 150HP at 5000 rpm, meaning the car could exceed 100km/h in less than 15 seconds and attain almost 180km/h. The Cabriolet model features huge chromed irons on the sides of its convertible top, with a tiny window slot in the back. Prices were between 34,500 and 36,500 DM. * The 300S model was later replaced in production by the 300Sc which a featured fuel injected engine. In 1955, the S became the Sc by virtue of higher compression and direct block fuel injection. Both were close in specification. The biggest difference between the two is the fuel injection system on the Sc, and the Sc introduced hydrovac power brakes. There are also a few cosmetic differences, such as the 300S has rubber strips on the bumper whereas the 300Sc has solid chrome plate bumpers with the word "einspritzmotor" on the rear bumper. The Sc has a stronger cowl. The transmission cover is not removable. Under the hood on the side panels, the Sc has horizontal chrome moldings. An automobile which combines old world, hand crafted workmanship with classic styling, interior appointments that are second to none. When new, the price was a staggering (for the time) $12,500.00. It was the most expensive luxury car of it's day. Twice as much as the 300SL and the American luxury cars of the day. Hence this was a car of the rich and famous including the Aga Khan, The King of Jordan, Prime Minister of Thailand, Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Errol Flynn and Cary Grant. Production Numbers: Production of 300S models from September 1951 until August 1955 Coupe 216 units Cabriolet 203 units Roadster 141 units Total: 560 units Production of 300Sc models from September/December 1955 to April 1958 Coupe 98 units Cabriolet 53 units Roadster 49 units Total: 200 units Buying A 300 S & Sc Know what you're buying and what to look for and know what to avoid. When these cars are well maintained and properly taken care of, they increase in value. Currently: (these are approximate values based on actual sales of vehicles.) values last upated Mar 2022 300S 300Sc Cabriolet # 1 EXCELLENT $770,000.00 $1,200,000.00 # 2 VERY GOOD $570,000.00 $ 880,000.00 # 3 GOOD $460,000.00 $ 720,000.00 # 4 FAIR $320,000.00 $ 470,000.00 Roadster # 1 EXCELLENT $790,000.00 $1,400,000.00 # 2 VERY GOOD $580,000.00 $ 830,000.00 # 3 GOOD $480,000.00 $ 690,000.00 # 4 FAIR $320,000.00 $ 480,000.00 Coupe # 1 EXCELLENT $460,000.00 $610,000.00 # 2 VERY GOOD $340,000.00 $460,000.00 # 3 GOOD $260,000.00 $350,000.00 # 4 FAIR $190,000.00 $210,000.00 A car's value is determined by condition. Standard condition guidelines are as follows: Excellent- A close to perfect original or a very well restored vehicle. Generally a body-off restoration, but a well done body-on restoration that has been fully detailed may qualify. The vehicle is stunning to look at and any flaws are trivial and not readily apparent. Everything works as new, all equipment is original, NOS or excellent quality reproductions. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT # 1 CARS ARE VERY RARE, AND ARE ORIGINAL RIGHT DOWN TO THE HOSE CLAMPS. DO NOT ASSUME THAT JUST BECAUSE A CAR HAS A #1 ASKING PRICE, THAT IT IS IN # 1 CONDITION. MOST CARS FOR SALE OUT THERE ARE LOW # 2 TO HIGH # 3 CARS. Very Good- An extremely presentable vehicle showing minimal wear, or a well restored vehicle. Runs and drives smooth and tight. Needs no mechanical or cosmetic work. All areas have been detailed. Beautiful to look at but clearly not a # 1 vehicle. Good- Presentable inside and out with some signs of wear. Not detailed but clean. Body should be straight and solid with no rust-through anywhere. Shiny, attractive paint but may have evidence of minor fading or checking or other imperfections. Runs and drives well but may need some minor mechanical or cosmetic work. But it is useable and enjoyable as is. Fair- Runs and drives ok but needs work throughout the vehicle. Body shows signs of wear or previous restoration work. Any rust should be minimal and not in any structural areas. Cosmetics, body and mechanicals all need work to some degree. These values are from Collector Car Market Review and are based on actual sales of vehicles, not on asking prices of vehicles. Asking prices, and sales prices are very different. Prices last updated March 2022 Keep in mind that due to the high cost of restoration, mint examples of these cars can and have sold for more than the prices quoted here. Due to the high cost of these cars, your best bet is to have any car you are considering purchasing completely checked out by a professional. Condition of a car CANNOT be determined by its location. Don't be fooled by a car's current geographical location. Just because a car is in California today, does not mean that is where it started life. It is very important to find complete, unchanged cars. Items on the exterior of this particular car are hard to find, and are unique to these automobiles. Rust is not a real problem on this car; however it is always a good idea to check. The box sections under the door sills can get rusty. Because of trapped moisture, it is important to check for rust in the trunk floor and also around the headlights. Where to find the engine number and chassis number. Chassis number plate can be found on the firewall. Look at the car in general. Walk around the car several times looking at the gaps for the doors, trunk and hood. Look at the general overall condition of the car. The chassis number prefixes are as follows: Cabriolet Coupe Roadster Engine Prefix 300S 1 88 010 1 88 011 1 88 012 M188 300Sc 1 88 013 1 88 014 1 88 015 M199 Technical Specifications of the 300S & Sc 300S 300Sc Engine Type: 6 cyl overhead camshaft 6 cyl overhead camshaft Bore and stroke: 85 x 88mm 85 x 88mm Displacement: 2996 cc 2996 cc Power output: 150 hp(DIN) @3800 rpm 150 hp(DIN) @3800 rpm Compression ratio: 7.8:1 8.5:1 Torque: 23.5 mkg @ 3800rpm 26 mkg @ 4300 rpm Carburetion: 3 dual downdraft carburetors Bosch injection pump Engine speed at 100km/hr: 3260rpm 3260 rpm Gear ratios: I. 3.33:1 I. 3.55:1 II. 2.12:1 II. 2.30:1 III. 1.46:1 III. 1.53:1 IV. 1.00:1 IV. 1.00:1 Rear axle ratio: 4.125 4.44 Chassis: X- shaped oval tubular X- shaped oval tubular Suspension: independent front, swing axle rear with coil springs independent front, single pivot swing axle rear, with coil springs Brakes and area: drum, 1270 square cm drum, 1470 square cm Wheelbase: 2900 mm 2900 mm Track front/rear: 1480/1252 mm 1480/1252 mm Length: 4700 mm 4700 mm Width: 1860 mm 1860 mm Height: 1510 mm 1510 mm Ground clearance: 180 mm 180 mm Tires: 6.7 x 15 extra 6.7 x 15 extra Turning circle: 12.2-12.7 meters 12.2-12.9 meters Steering type and ratio: recirculating ball, 21.4:1 recirculating ball, 21.4:1 Weight: 1760 kg (3880lbs.) 1780 kg (3924 lbs.) Maximum speed: 160 mph 180 mph Acceleration: 15 sec 0-100 km-hr 19 sec 0-100 km-hr Fuel consumption: 14 L/100 km (13.7 mpg) 14 L/100 km (13.7 mpg) Fuel tank capacity: 85 L (22 gal.) 85 L (22 gal.)
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