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Buyer Information 220 Cabriolet A and 220 Cabriolet B 1951-1955 300 -300b -300c - 300d Convertible Sedan 1951-1962 300S - 300Sc Cabriolet / Coupe / Roadster 1951-1958 300SL Gullwing and Roadster 1954-1962 190SL Roadsters 1955-1963 220S / 220SE Cabriolets and Coupes 1956-1960 300SE Cabriolets and Coupes 1962-1967 220SEb /250SE / 280SE / 280SE 3.5 Cabriolets and Coupes 1961-1971 230SL /250SL 280SL Roadsters 1963-1971 We are going to give you some useful informationon these pages. If you are considering purchasing a vintage Mercedes Benz read this stuff, buy some books about vintage Mercedes Benz. There are some great books available. You can join your local Mercedes Benz club, other Mercedes owners can be a valuable source of great information and help. Take your time. Be patient. The right vintage Mercedes Benz is out there somewhere just waiting for you. Test drive the car extensively. If you are not knowledgable about what to look for get a third party involved who is knowledgable. We have pages for collectible models which as far as I am concerned, are models where the top goes down. Like the saying goes, when the top goes down, the price goes up. Sorry no diesel or 4 door model Mercedes information here. With our more than 30 years of experience in working on these fine automobiles, articles and books read on Mercedes along with the following books, are the sources for the information on these pages. Most are still available at better book stores. Original Mercedes SL by Laurence Meredith Essential Mercedes SL 190SL and Pagoda Models by Laurence Meredith Essential Mercedes Coupes, Cabriolets and Saloons 53-67 by Laurence Meredith The SL Experience by John Olson 300 SL 1952-1963 by Motor Klassik & Mercedes Benz Museum Mercedes Benz Production Models Book by W. Robert Nitske Illustrated Mercedes Benz Buyers Guide by Frank Barret
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