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300SE Cabriolet and Coupe 1962-1967 Since the 300SE is basically the same chassis as the 220SE-250SE-280SE, most of the information as to rust prone areas and where you can locate the VIN number is the same. Click here to be redirected to that page. Below is information on what is unique to the 300SE. INTRODUCTION This is the fourth car to share the body style which was introduced in 1959 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The cabriolet and coupe were added in March of 1962. HISTORY of the 300SE Several important refinements to this model from the 220SEb. This car had whitewall tires, and the more extensive use of chrome made the car appear longer and more elegant. An air suspension system and disc brakes on all 4 wheels were standard, as were leather seats. But the main improvement was the engine. The M189 single overhead cam/six delivered much more power and speed than the 220. These cars were low production cars, which makes them highly collectible now. Production Numbers: Production Numbers of the 300SE from March 1962 to December 1967 Chassis prefix is 112 - Engine prefix is 189. 1962 331 units 1963 630 units 1964 706 units 1965 710 units 1966 497 units 1967 253 units total: 3127 units Buying A 300SE Know what you're buying and what to look for and know what to avoid. When these cars are well maintained and properly taken care of, they increase in value. Currently:(these are approximate values based on actual sales of vehicles.) values last updated March 2022 PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! A car's value is determined by condition. Standard condition guidelines are as follows: Excellent- A close to perfect original or a very well restored vehicle. Generally a body-off restoration, but a well done body-on restoration that has been fully detailed may qualify. The vehicle is stunning to look at and any flaws are trivial and not readily apparent. Everything works as new, all equipment is original, NOS or excellent quality reproductions. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT # 1 CARS ARE VERY RARE, AND ARE ORIGINAL RIGHT DOWN TO THE HOSE CLAMPS. DO NOT ASSUME THAT JUST BECAUSE A CAR HAS A #1 ASKING PRICE, THAT IT IS IN # 1 CONDITION. MOST CARS FOR SALE OUT THERE ARE LOW # 2 TO HIGH # 3 CARS. Very Good- An extremely presentable vehicle showing minimal wear, or a well restored vehicle. Runs and drives smooth and tight. Needs no mechanical or cosmetic work. All areas have been detailed. Beautiful to look at but clearly not a # 1 vehicle. Good- Presentable inside and out with some signs of wear. Not detailed but clean. Body should be straight and solid with no rust-through anywhere. Shiny, attractive paint but may have evidence of minor fading or checking or other imperfections. Runs and drives well but may need some minor mechanical or cosmetic work. But it is useable and enjoyable as is. Fair- Runs and drives ok but needs work throughout the vehicle. Body shows signs of wear or previous restoration work. Any rust should be minimal and not in any structural areas. Cosmetics, body and mechanicals all need work to some degree. These values are from Collector Car Market Review and are based on actual sales of vehicles, not on asking prices of vehicles. Asking prices, and sales prices are very different. 300 SE Cabriolet Coupe # 1 EXCELLENT $240,000.00 $70,000.00 # 2 VERY GOOD $151,000.00 $44,000.00 # 3 GOOD $104,000.00 $25,000.00 # 4 FAIR $ 62,000.00 $15,000.00 Keep in mind that due to the high cost of restoration, mint examples of these cars can and have sold for more than the prices quoted here. Condition of a car CANNOT be determined by its location. Don't be fooled by a car's current geographical location. Just because a car is in California today, does not mean that is where it started life. Technical Specifications of the 300SE 300SE Engine Type: 6 cylinder overhead camshaft Bore and stroke: 85 x 88mm Displacement: 2996 cc Power output: 160 hp Compression ratio: 8.7:1 Torque: 25.6 mkg @ 3800 rpm Fuel Injection: Bosch two plunger pump, 1964: six plunger Engine speed at 100km/hr: 3310 rpm Gear ratios: I. 4.05:1 automatic I. 3.98:1 II. 2.28:1 II. 2.52:1 III. 1.53:1 III. 1.58:1 IV.1.00:1 IV. 1.00:1 Rear axle ratio: 3.92 or 3.75 Chassis: unit frame and body Suspension: independent front and rear, with coil springs single joint swing axle, air suspension Brakes and area: disc, servo assisted, two circuit hydraulic Wheelbase: 2750mm Track front/rear: 1482/1490mm Length: 4880mm Width: 1845mm Height: Coupe: 1395mm Convertible: 1400mm Ground clearance: 185mm Tires: 7.75 x 14 Turning circle: 12.1 - 11.9 meters Steering type and ratio: recirculating ball, servo assisted Weight: Coupe: 3520 lbs. - Convertible:3740 lbs. Maximum speed: 112 mph Acceleration: 13 sec 0-100km/hr Fuel consumption 17 L, super/100 km (12.3 mpg) Fuel tank capacity 65 L (17.2 gal)
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